The Most Reliable MSP Backup Software for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

All In One Simplicity

Unitrends MSP eliminates the need for manual daily data backup, testing and client reporting by using automation.

Rest assured knowing Unitrends MSP has you and your clients covered in the event of a worst-case scenario such as a natural disaster or a more common scenario such as human error. Using BackupIQ™, an artificial intelligence software, you can automate your testing and receive detailed reports to ensure all backups are being done correctly and can be quickly restored.

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Benefits of Unitrends MSP An all-in-one premium solution built for high margins.

An effective data recovery strategy doesn’t just focus on replicating data to the cloud, but also creates local backups that can be spun up without having to wait for terabytes of data to download. With no downtime and daily backup testing, you can deliver a premium service quickly and efficiently.

Meet Your RPOs and RTOs After Disasters

Have clients fully restored in hours —not days—if disaster strikes.

Restore Data Fast After Common Scenarios

Recover data more efficiently after hardware failure, human error, or software failure.

Automatically Surface Critical Issues

Sort through alerts using BackupIQ™, Unitrends’ artificial intelligence software.

Simplify Your Backup Stack

Manage multiple appliances and cloud-based backups from one place.

Send Detailed Client Reports

Automate and share daily reports with clients to instill confidence in your plan.

Enjoy 24/7 Support

Our world-class team is here for you any time for any reason.

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Feel Confident in Your Recovery Services

Unitrends MSP lets you automate data backup and testing on a daily basis, or run it on demand in the event of a failover. With instant alerts and detailed reporting, you’ll be able to identify and resolve any data recovery issue faster.

Don’t blindly rely on data backup software. Test your processes and feel confident that the services you protect will work the way they should once restored with Unitrends MSP.

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